Surgical Disposable

Delight Healthcare offers high quality surgical disposables including but not limited to Capsular Bag Supporting, Corneal Trephine, Corneal Trephine,Fenzl Lens Manipulating Hook, Angled,Fenzl Lens Manipulating Hook, Straight, Atkinson Peribulbar ,Atkinson Peribulbar Needle, Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle ,Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle, Atkinson Retrobulbar Needle, Bishop Harman A/C Irrigating Cannula,Blumenthal A.C. Maintainer, Atkinson Tip with Silicon Tube,Fukasaku Snapper Hook, Iris,Jaffe –Bechert Nucleus Rotator, Forked tip,Lewicky Lens Manipulator,Push Pull Manipulator Angled,etc.